Tooth reconstruction

Without proper care for the teeth, or infrequent visits to the dentist, tooth decay is inevitable

As tooth decay spreads, it weakens the actual structure of teeth which can lead to both aesthetic and functional issues with the teeth. Offering a number of tooth reconstruction options for patients in Herndon, VA, we are able to meet the desired aesthetic and functional needs for each patient individually. Each tooth reconstruction technique is going to offer unique benefits, and Dr. Jay can help you determine which treatment will meet your needs.

Since a tooth reconstruction considers both the appearance of teeth, and the strength of teeth, each technique will offer differing levels of strength and aesthetic appeal. Since the force of your bite and chewing will be more forceful on the back teeth, a stronger and potentially less appealing material may be used to prevent cracking and chipping. On the other hand, teeth in front are visible when smiling and sustain much less force in biting and chewing. In these cases, patients often want a natural-looking and tooth-colored option that is not noticeable when smiling.