Marica Sobonja


AMC Dental Spa is all the best: best service, best KNOWLEDGEABLE and KIND staff and above of all THE BEST DENTIST DR. ANA MARIA CUJAR. Dr. Cujar was amazing with my 7 years old daughter. My daughter had 8 cavities and she was not well behaved during the dentists visits, even for the cleaning only. Dr. Cujar fixed all her cavities and also make her to behave well by providing an excellent playful conversation with my daughter, explaining to her all the steps of the procedure in a way that she could understand and it all sounded like a nice funny story, I was amazed, grateful and so happy for choosing Dr. Cujar. NO anesthesia, NO laughing gas, NO expensive surgery, just a simple knowledgeable, professional dental procedure and great patience and understanding for all. THANK YOU DR. CUJAR!!!!!! I would always recommend Dr. Cujar as the best dentist in all Washington Metropolitan Area.

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