Jennifer O.

Dr. Cujar and her staff are top notch: in regards to timeliness, thorough explanation of treatments and billing department is great.

Most of all, her warm personality and that of her technicians shows how she loves what she does, explains to her patient and technicians what is being done/why, just makes it more educational to all so everyone is aware of their treatment. I, personally, appreciate that instead of someone just opening my mouth and working on it. My husband and I go to her and she’s treated both of with braces. My husbands oral health has taken a 360 in a short year under her care and he has always been one to shy away from going to the dentist to the point that he was beginning to have major bone loss and gum issues. He’s back to square one, diligent on his checkup and care because he feels extremely comfortable with Ana Maria, would recommend her to anyone….the facility has the latest top notch equipment and is very “spa like” and meticulously clean.

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